The Ann Arbor Storytellers Guild exists to promote and support storytelling, locally, regionally, and nationwide. We create opportunities for our members to develop and practice their art in front of a supportive group of individuals, hold workshops to study the principles of good storytelling, and build venues to allow our members to perform in front of a broader audience. One way we promote our members is through the listing below.

BEVERLY BLACK specializes in telling personal stories from her adventurous life as well as folk tales and other stories from around the world.  She enjoys telling interactive stories to children and adults who are young at heart.  Her stories may be combined with hand puppets, songs and/or Celtic harp music.

             734-665-4312 - bevblack@umich.edu

STEVE DAUT draws on his writing and stage experience in a wide variety of media, including short stories, magic, playwriting, sketch comedy, stand-up comedy, and improv, to craft personal stories that are alternatively moving, thought provoking, and hilarious. He also tells folk tales and children's stories, enhancing children's events with a little bit of magic.


Stories connect us!  Stories have power!  LYN DAVIDGE most enjoys sharing that power and those connections with adult audiences through original stories drawn from real-life experiences.  Her themed programs include, "Once in a Lifetime,"  "What if. . .?," and "Strong Women." She will work to tailor performances for specific audiences.

             734-769-6982 - StorytellerLyn@comcast.net

JEFF DOYLE developed his talents telling stories around the campfire and specializes in telling scary and funny stories to kids of all ages.  Mixing humor, scare, and surprise, Jeff's tales are great at Halloween parties, camp-outs, or Scout meetings.

810-231-2912 - jjdoyle99@yahoo.com

JILL HALPERN is a storyteller, poet, tree-and-people hugger, teacher, seeker, activist, and work-in-progress who writes and tells to help love the world into being.  She enjoys sharing stories about relatonships, nature, community, self-discovery, social justice ad equality kids, zen,and peace.

                    734-662-0128  jhalpern@umich.edu

LAURA LEE HAYES grew up crafting stories from snippets of fairy tales, family tales, comic books, classics, movies and myths.  She learned to listen to the stories people tell, and to the tales that nature unfolds.  Shaped by her experience, interwoven with this rich legacy of gathered lore, her stories rise up from her heart, mysterious, and longing to be told.

                    734-662-3770  lauragami@provide.net

YVONNE HEALY: Mythology, the Irish love of language, and her outrageous family and theatrical background inspire the writing, performance, and teaching of this award-winning storyteller and artist educator.  As an approved artist for the Michigan Arts and Humanities Council and Wolf Trap Arts in Education programs, grant funding is available.  Video and audio samples are available along with program details at

www.YHealy.com   810-813-0000

A retired elementary teacher, LINDA LUKE engages young and old listeners with folk tales and lessons.  Puppets may appear!  Her spiritual stories have far reaching effects.  Board member of the Performing Arts Alliance in Southwestern Wayne County, Linda is eager to hear any and all ideas about promoting the Arts.                

734-697-9275 - Cell: 734-740-1571 Lukeatlake@sbcglobal.net

Growing up in Detroit in the 1950’s, DARRLY MICKENS began his spinning of stories shortly after his siblings were born; they became his first audience.  A Detroit teacher since 1988, Darryl joined the AASG in 2002 and has performed in many storytelling concerts with the Guild.  He enjoys interpreting multicultural folktales, writing his own, and developing his personal and family stories.
              734-477-0373 - a2mick@yahoo.com

erfectly at home in a library, museum, classroom, workshop for teachers and youth, or seniors' group, JUDY SCHMIDT tells tales from around the world to engage your mind and speak to your soul.  A quilter as well as a storyteller, Judy combines both enthusiasms with Quilts and Stories sessions for all ages.
                 734-971-5763 - FransDotir@aol.com

KATHLEEN WRIGHT has been a teacher and storyteller for over twenty five years. Her storytelling experiences include a traveling preschool program; special events; bookstore, library, and school appearances; and telling in her own elementary classroom.  Whether her stories hold listeners in a spellbinding moment or make them clutch their bellies laughing, kids and grown-ups alike come away with a grin on their lips and a twinkle in their eye.

734-663-9753  -  kidpeople@comcast.net


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