Our mission is to promote, perpetuate, and celebrate the art of storytelling.

Our members explore many avenues to support storytelling, locally, regionally, and nationwide. Each of us not only has stories to tell, but the way we tell and the approach we take to our craft is unique to each of us. Here is a sampling of some of the ways the Ann Arbor Storytellers’ Guild helps to support the art and craft of storytelling.

EXPLORE: Guild members pursue various storytelling interests. Some delve into the rich legacy of traditional folktales, legends and myths. Some mine their own lives for drama and insight. Some search historical sources to highlight notable characters and events. Some enrich their storytelling with puppets, music, and even martial arts.

CREATE: Meetings and Guild-sponsored workshops provide a nurturing environment for members to try out new stories and new ways of telling their favorite stories.

LEARN: In addition to workshops, many Guild members attend conferences and form study groups to enhance their understanding of the art of storytelling.

SHARE: Each Fall, the Guild produces StoryFest : An Evening of Storytelling for Grown-ups, and a Family Fun StoryFest. We also hold many virtual concerts for the public. Please check our Events Calendar for more information.

COLLABORATE: The Guild works hand-in-hand with other storytelling groups and venues to bring the wonder of storytelling to audiences in the Ann Arbor area and beyond. Collaborative partners include the Ark, Dexter District Library, the Ann Arbor District Library, Serendipity Books in Chelsea, and a number of local area churches. Take a look at some of the events listed on this website, and check back for news of events.


  • AASG Monthly Meetings
  • StoryFest  – annual fall storytelling event
  • Story Night – join us in the virtual world to share stories and chit-chat
  • Story Swaps – members-only meetings where Ann Arbor Guild’s members get together to share and workshop stories they are working on. These can be simple ideas or more polished presentations that are seeking an audience before presentation to the general public. Story swaps are a forum for  storytellers of all levels (experienced to novice) to provide input and assistance to each other- truly a communal event!
  • Scary Story Festival
  • Annual Storytelling Festival at the Ark – Every year in February, the Ark holds a special storytelling festival featuring national, regional and local storytellers. A number of AASG members have told stories at this annual event, and members of the AASG host the storytellers. http://theark.org/